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WordPress Tricks to Make Your Blog Look Like a Website

wp-wordpress-tips-tricks Do you want to build a website, but don’t want to pay a programmer to design an entire site? Looking for an easy way to create a website?  The WordPress content management system (CMS) may be just what you are looking for.  But, WordPress is a free blog platform you say?  Yes, it is true […]

How to Create an Original Custom 404 Page

404 error Learning how to create an original custom 404 page is a pretty easy process and will allow you to flex your creative skills on your WordPress website. Check out this tutorial to learn how to create an original custom 404 page for your blog.

How to Embed Your Facebook Fan Page in Your Site

facebook fan page Learning how to embed y our Facebook fan page in your site is a great way to connect your WordPress blog using social networking. This is one of the best ways to enhance your blog following.

How to Make a WordPress Theme

wp theme If you are looking into how to make a WordPress theme, keep in mind there are couple ways you can do it. You can choose to learn how to make a WordPress theme by using an easy tutorial, or you can use a design theme like the WordPress Thesis Theme to get started.

Easy Ways to Speed up Your WordPress

speed up wordpress If you are looking for easy ways to speed up your WordPress blog, you are in the right place! Keeping your WordPress updated and efficient is a great way to enhance your website loading times to make your site more appealing to web users.

Sell Private Ads or Sponsorships

WordPress ads In order to sell private ads or sponsorships using your WordPress blog, you need to establish a price, make sure the ads fit with your online content or online business and determine the amount of ads you want on your blog and placement.

WordPress Themes for Photographers

Best photo themes Choosing the best WordPress themes for photographers for your photography website is a great way to effectively showcase your photos and art to bring in more customers to your photography business and to make money online using your WordPress blog.

WordPress Security Tips

WP security tips Keeping your website safe and secure is often the most important part of being a WordPress website administrator. That is why you should really keep these WordPress security tips in mind to continue protecting your WordPress blog from potential hackers.

Social Media Tips For WordPress Users

Social networking wordpress Using these social media tips for WordPress users are a great way to learn the best ways to integrate your WordPress blog in with various social networking sites and tools. Using social media can bring in more followers to your WordPress blog.

How to Add Audio to Your WordPress Blog

WP audio plugin Using plugins on your WordPress site is great, which is why it is important to know how to add audio to your WordPress blog. Enhancing the look of your site by using WordPress multimedia features is a great way to bring in more web traffic.