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Best WordPress Widgets for your website -learn how to make your blog user-friendly and make more money online with your blog with the top wordpress widgets.

WordPress Widget vs. Plugin

widgets vs plugins To remember the difference between a widget and a plugin for WordPress it is important to keep in mind that a widget is a plugin but the reverse cannot be said about plugins. These are both helpful tools that can be used to enhance your WordPress blog.

WordPress Countdown Widget

Countdown widget The WordPress countdown widget is a fun and easy-to-use tool that you can add to your WordPress blog to add in a fun way to count down to an upcoming event, or count the days past a certain event has taken place.

WordPress RSS Widget

RSS Using the WordPress RSS widget can be valuable for your blog in a few different ways, plus the WordPress RSS widget is super easy to use and download to your WordPress blog. You can use the RSS feed to link to other blogs, news feeds and social networking sites.

WordPress Slideshow Widget

Slideshow Using a WordPress slideshow widget to enhance the look of your site is a great tool that can be used for online business owners, those who do affiliate marketing, photography showcasing as well as can be used to put ads on your WordPress blog.

WordPress Weather Widget

weather widget Using a WordPress widget like the weather widget is a fun way to spice up the look and functionality of your WordPress website. Using a weather widget gives you the opportunity to have local weather conditions displayed directly on your blog.

WordPress Widget Logic Plugin

WP widget logic plugin Using a tool like the WordPress widget logic plugin is a great tool to add to the ease of use of Widget control and optimization for your WordPress blog. The WordPress widget logic plugin serves as a widget configuration tools for your WordPress website or blog.

Best WordPress Widgets

Best WordPress Widgets To find the best WordPress widgets, you just have to know where to look. Also to find the best WordPress widgets, you have to know what you need to enhance the look of your website.There are many best WordPress widgets for options for your WordPress site out there. Just know what you need to find these widgets.

Free WordPress Widgets

wp-free-widget There is an abundance of free WordPress widgets if you know where to look online for them for your WordPress blog. First, you can get free WordPress widgets directly through WordPress. However, don’t feel like your access to free WordPress widgets is limited. You can also get some free WordPress widgets from online web designers and companies.

WordPress Poll Widget

WordPress poll widget If you are looking for feedback on some of your WordPress blog content, it might be a good idea to add a WordPress poll widget to your WordPress blog. This is a great way to get straight forward feedback from your blog readers and website visitors. They can vote depending on the content using the WordPress poll widget.

WordPress Calendar Widget

WordPress calendar widget The WordPress calendar widget is one of the most popular of WordPress widgets to be used on a plethora of blogs throughout the Internet. The WordPress calendar widget can serve so many purposes regardless of what your blog is for including eCommerce and organization or even individual uses. The WordPress calendar widget comes in many different varieties.