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If you are in the business to make money blogging, you might want to consider offering featured posts on your blog. Learning to offer featured posts on your blog is pretty easy and a great way to make extra money using your WordPress blog to charge an added fee for the service.

Bloggers are always looking for a way to reach out to another audience to attract more followers to their own blog, and like to do so by offering their guest blogging services. You can use this desire from other bloggers to not only attract their own audience, but also can offer featured posts on your blog by charging them an extra fee to do so, which is a process similar to sponsored posts or ads. To learn more about how to offer featured posts on  your WordPress blog, keep reading to find out how you can use this awesome way to make money online using your own WordPress blog or website.

To start, you might want to wait to offer such a deal until  you have developed a decenet following with your blog. If you don’t have many followers you might want to start out by doing the opposite of this and find places where you can guest post or pay for a featuerd post on another well known blog. It might be a good investment to make to get your blog name out there to capture a bigger audience. Once you’ve developed a good following on your blog, you will want to consider building your blog to where others will be interested in doing guest blogs featured posts on  your site. Once a month, or every couple of weeks, you might want to consider doing a post on your blog calling out to all of those bloggers that might be intersted in purchasing a sponsored featured post on your blog. Many bloggers will put a call to action within a blog post on occassion to encourage new advertisers or blog sponsors. You can also do this to get featured posts on  your blog for a little extra cash.

How much do you charge for a service like featured posts on your blog? This depends on the size and following of your blog. If you have hundreds of followers, you can likely charge more for such a service. However, if you really haven’t developed a super large following, you will want to scale back the charge on something like this. Offer what you think is a fair amount and if you don’t get any takers to do a featured post, then you will know that your rate for a featured post is too high. Then you can put the fee at a lower amount until you are able to get some takers.

Even if you aren’t looking to charge your guest bloggers for the chance to blog on  your site,  you can still benefit and possibly make money by having your guest blogger link back to their own blog. This is a good opportunity to get that blogger’s audience to come and check out your WordPress website or blog. If you are using your blog or site as a direct way to make money blogging through affiliate programs or sponsored ads and even pay-per click ads, having a larger audience or blog following is going to end up making you money simply by the influx in web traffic to your site. Every blogger knows one of the best ways to build a following is through networking. Adding in guest blogging and learning to offer featured posts on your blog is one of the best ways to do so.

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