My name is Matt. I’m a compulsive WordPress user. Ever since the WordPress Matt created the framework I’ve been hooked on using it. It’s so easy to use and I’ve recommeneded it to hundreds of people over the years. 

This theme is by NewWPThemes.com and is called “westin”. I’ve used it and many of their other themes to build large scale websites.

My first experience with WordPress was in early 2004 – about 6 months after the first public release of WordPress by Matt Mullenweg. My first WordPress install was on my dedicated server for my personal blog. At that time, WordPress was used primarily by personal blogs. This platform has evolved to the largest CMS install available on the web.  This is because the large developer support to develop the best plugins as well as support from designers to develop the best free website designs.

WordPress is now the chosen CMS for 12% of the world’s busiest million websites.

I decided to create this website for the novice WordPress user’s in an easy step-by-step model. Hundreds of people have asked me how to create a website and how to make money online over the years.  This is my little attempt at giving back to a system that has made my life a little easier.

It would be great if you would leave a few comments on this site to help direct others as well. We are all in this together. I enjoy teaching people how to gain financial freedom through simple web tools such as WordPress and you can do the same. I approve all comments that are posted to help other users. Please don’t post your shameless plug for your website. If you have some experience with WordPress – I’d love to have you be a guest poster on the site. You can email me your ideas through the contact form.

WordPress 3.0 merges functionality of the original WordPress and the WPMU multi-user functionality.  We’ll also be posting tips and tricks for the WPMU community.

I hope you find some value in the comments and WordPress tips and tricks.